Fresh Pasta


There are a variety of opinions when it comes to flour for making homemade pasta, and some people get all fancy with specialty flours (traditionally, pasta is made with semolina flour).


Fresh eggs are higher in nutrients than conventional eggs. The first advice to follow regarding the preparation of fresh egg pasta is to use only very fresh eggs of safe origin.


 A pinch of salt is always good to add. It is up to you to decide if you prefer it in the dough or in the cooking water. Normally the salt is not put in the dough as it leaves white spots in the pasta.

True Italian Experience

Bottega Torciano utilizes the age-old technique of pasta extrusion. This is defined as ‘to push out and shape’ and with this method the dough is pushed through bronze dies which hold the shapes of common pastas. 

The method of extruding pasta with bronze dies result in fresh pasta with a very distinct texture.

The pasta produced comes out with a coarse texture, this is a defining quality of artisan pasta extruded from bronze dies, and is also the feature that we think makes it special.



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Bottega Torciano
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